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DJArtworks brings to you the work of London based Artist and Photographer Dannii Jacques. Danielle specialises in creating unique artworks, photography and specially commissioned pieces. Please email Danielle if you would like further information or to discuss your requirements.

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Where did you study?

I have studied at Central St Martins University of the Arts, The Humboldt University Berlin and London City Lit, obtaining exposure to a wide range of artistic mediums, photographic and printing methods.

Previously I studied Mathematics at Bristol University, and whilst Maths was the bulk of the degree, I also took open units in subjects such as European Cinema, Philosophy, Multi-media authoring, which created a broad base of knowledge to feed into my work as an artist.

Tell me a little bit about your practice?

My varied interests and the interests of my clients are expressed in my work, through a number of Collections focussed on specific areas, subjects and techniques. Having loved Photography since I was a child, photographic images are often a starting point that inspire my work. Images are fastidiously created, collected, manipulated, collaged and incorporated to create unique artworks. into work. Colour and tone are key for me as I relish exploring the way colours interact with each other and change your perception of reality. I embrace both the hyper real and heavily saturated palettes, as well as the muted and monochrome.

Tell me about your Collections?

The Graphic series is reminiscent of screen printing but in fact these bright colourful pieces are meticulously hand painted. My interest in form and tone is explored through the abstract Geometrix series.  Spacey is a mixed media series inspired by images from the Hubble telescope. Photographic collections Street Art Shots and Texture Shots document the incredible urban textures and street art scene in East London. Collage combines influences from my Photographic, Geometrix, Graphic series in a fun and playful way. Especially for Twisted Lootan Independent Design Collective I have created a new series Neon Rocks which is available from December 2015. This series combines heavily-saturated colours with images from nature to create ethereal landscapes which celebrate natural textures and a psychedelic colour palette. I have also created a number of original Artworks as shown in Bespoke and in Collaborations.

How did you find yourself in the trade?

It all started when friends of mine got married and I created a portrait for the newlyweds as their wedding gift. From there I began working on a commission basis, consulting and creating bespoke artworks. I take great pleasure in customising a piece for an individual. By getting to know what they like and what really inspires them. I can create something totally personal and unique, which also has the DJArtworks artistic stamp. My commission work often inspires the development of my Collections which a number of which will be exhibited via Twisted Loot December 2015.

Favorite Contemporary Artists?

Andreas Gursky, Wolfgang Tillmans, Bridget Riley, Gerhard Richter, Mark Quinn, Anish Kapoor, Alexis Harding, Jean Michel Basquiat, John Monks, Anthony Gormley

Favourite Street Artists?

Alexis Diaz, Run, Phlegm, Ben Eine, Roa, C15, David Walker, Malarky, El BochoBlu



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